Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Perfect Wedding Gifts from Ladybird

When it comes to giving a gift to the bride it can be a little on the difficult side. You want to get something not only special and meaningful but as well as something useful for the bride to be. Here at Ladybird we have a few options to help you with your mission on the special gift for the special lady!

1. The Boulevard Bag

The BLVD bag is an excellent gift for a bride. The monogramming on the bag is a great introduction to the bride's new initials. This could be a great gift from you and your friends. You can also add honeymoon items in the bag. Such as her favorite magazine, passport holder, easy to carry flats, sun hat, accessories, or anything else you think is appropriate for her vacation with the husband! 

2. Soixante Neuf Initialed Necklaces

An initialed charm is a perfect gift for a bride. It is a staple piece that she can wear all of the time. These simple and very clean pieces come in gold, silver, or bronze. 

3. The His is Her's Bridal Shirt

The Bridal shirt from Claridge and King is a fun and thoughtful gift to the bride. Add her new initials to the top pocket for a great added detail. Not only is this a customized and good quality button up the bride can wear all the time around the house... but it is a must she gets something old, something new, and something blue for her wedding day!