Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Winterize your Shorts!

We know when it comes to shorts it's really hard to vision wearing this other than the summer time. Shorts are such a great article of clothing that it should be worn all year long! Here are a few looks that would be a go for your winter look!

1. Velvet Shorts

- Velvet shorts are a must for the winter! Since velvet is a thicker material it is very appropriate for the winter season.  Paired with a simple pair of tights, a classic button up, and your favorite necklace. This is a great winter look! Good to wear during the day with a pair of black boots or shiny black pumps for an evening out with your friends.

2. Jean Shorts

- Jean shorts can get a little messy when pulling off the winter look. A great tip is wearing a size up making the fit more loose and relaxed. Pair it with your favorite button up making it preppy with a fur vest is a great look.  Make sure you stick with a solid and very simple pair of colored tights and boots.  That way the look is clean and more winter then as if going out to the beach.

3. Floral Shorts

Floral shorts in the winter?! Oh yes we did! This is a really fun and flirty way to wear floral shorts in the winter. We paired these Sam & Lavi shorts with a long army green button up from Fluxus to tone down the brightness. Also adding a pair of knee high tan boots really made this look complete and more winterized. These boots are from Kelsi Dagger. To top it off we used this long gold charmed necklace from Twinkle. With all the multi colors on the necklace it really compliments the shorts!

4. Leopard Shorts (Casual)

Leopard has been such a trendy print for awhile. Which is great and should be worn more often by the ladies. This is a casual look that we really love. A great everyday look. Thrown with a cashmere QI Sweater and Messeca boots. And a winter hat! This screams a stylish winter look.

5. Leopard Shorts (Evening)

- To make the leopard shorts more dressy we prefer to jazz it up by adding this simple and staple piece crop top by Chaser. It's easy and really makes any outfit an evening piece. Adding a pair of black boots or even heels would be great for evening wear!

5. Sequin Shorts

- Show off your creativity by pulling off these aqua sequin shorts by Plastic Island! They are so fun and flirty. Adding a sleeveless blouse makes the look more casual then club wear. Also a classic leather jacket really pulls this look all together for a more edgy and modern feel.

6. Lace Shorts

Lace shorts are so fun to play with. These cream colored lace shorts by Sam & Lavi are made with a thicker material which is great for winter. Adding a chunky sweater (by Twinkle) and a bright red bag by Z Spoke really makes this a great winter look!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Holiday Outfit


Sometimes wearing a dress to a party can get old and uncomfortable.  That's why we came up with a comfortable but very holiday and jazzy outfit for you to enjoy during the festivities.  

Rebecca Minkoff pants - These beautiful blue high waisted pants are perfect to jazz up your holiday outfit. They are flowy, comfortable, and amazing!

Corso Como Pumps - These nude pumps are perfect for many occasions. 

House of Harlow chained clutch - This red snake skin printed clutch comes with a thin chain to do an over the shoulder.  It is a copy of the infamous Alexander McQueen clutch (but obviously in a more affordable price).

Equiptment sleeveless blouse - a great comfortable blouse to throw over even with a pair of jeans would be perfect!

Fox Fur - this is a great throw over for any outfit!

***All of these pieces can be purchased at Ladybird!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wander Lust


It's the holidays! And we know a lot of you ladies have lots of traveling to do to visit family, friends, or just a vacation with your lover.  Either way, we know that traveling can be a big hassle especially when it comes to packing.  You need a comfortable bag, you need every necessity, you need it all in order to make your travels not only safe but go smoothly.

That's why here at Ladybird we have great traveling necessities that will help make your travelings better and more fashionable! 

Boulovard Sunday Tote
- This is great for any occasion! School, work, traveling, whatever else! You can really put anything in this bag. It's comfortable, it's stylish, and it screams Mary Poppins of the 2000's. You can even customize this bag but monogramming your initials on the front pouch.

Yosi Samra Flats
- These comfortable and very adorable snake skin flats can fit just about anywhere! They are great because if you are wear them to work you can slip these flexible flats in your purse and switch with a pair of pumps to wear for happy hour with girlfriends! They are great!

Clare Vivier leather wallet
- This leather wallet is a perfect size for your passport and credit cards! It's small, it's simple, and handmade! Makes a great traveling piece or gift to friend or family member.

- Don't forget to bring a good magazine! Pick up the latest issue of Capital Style (Bride Edition).

All of these items can be purchased at Ladybird!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ladybird's layering jewelry inspiration... Mr. T


Who doesn't love Mr.T? He definitely has a jazzy style when it comes to that hair cut and all the jewels he shows off. Here at ladybird we were inspired by the layering of gold chains that Mr. T does that we thought we would do a little replicate the glammed out trend with some great pieces we have here at the store.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Corso Como - Beige Pumps

Coming soon will be arriving these lovely patent leather pumps to ladybird. Winter is coming up and we know it can be difficult to make beige "work" when it comes to the snowy cold weather.  We have some ideas for you to make beige perfect for your winter outfit!

Sheer it up
If you really can't take the cold and want to wear beige pumps, it is always safe to say that sheer tights will really come in handy! 


Denim always does the trick. During the winter and you want to feel casual but still fashionable when out with friends, we think pairing a classic pair of skinny levi's, beige pumps, and your favorite sweater can never go wrong!