Saturday, October 29, 2011

Soh Ihn Kim

Soh Ihn Kim has provided very feminine and easy to wear jewelry since 2009. These great pieces that we have here at ladybird will add sass to any cozy sweater this winter! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Local Designer - Jillian Dietzler

Vintage clip-on studs were Jillian Diezler's first inspiration. She never was a fan of clip-ons but loved little studs. After doing a lot of hunting through vintage stores she collected pieces of jewelry and decided to start her own line of new vintage studs for every gal to enjoy. Jillian created a jewelry line called "Dainty Adornments" which consists of vintage studs.

You can get your beautiful stone studs here at ladybird! There are a variety of studs that Dainty Adornments has to offer. So you know that your purchase will be a fabulous and very unique one.

Local Designer - Amy Spellacy


Amy Spellacy is a ladybird original. She has been at the boutique since it first opened! Not only that but on her free time she hand makes these fantastic and colorful bracelets with little gems.

Amy says her inspiration for making these little bracelets is her grandma. She says her grandmother did all sorts of crafts and did everything so pretty and unique from her home to herself! By watching her grandma do all these crafty things, Amy also wanted to make fun and colorful things her self. After lots of practicing and experimenting she created these bracelets.

In all sorts of your favorite colors, these bracelets are sold here at ladybird! What's so great about them is that they can be worn alone or with a variety of bracelets. Either way, it's a lovely piece to add to your wrist!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Boulevard - Air Tote

Just got in the Boulevard Air Tote bag. We have them in black as well as red. These comfortable and spacious bags are made of nylon and leather. It is a classic shaped tote as well as very sturdy to throw in all your daily necessities. Get yours today!

Show Me Your Mumu!

This week we received a special delivery from the fun and flirty brand "Show Me Your Mumu"! The great thing about this Aztec patterned and original shaped mumu is that it can be worn in many ways. Either with cut off shorts, a pair of jeans, leggings, wear it on a rainy day in the house or out and about around the town! You decide! 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Butter by Nadia presents SS12

Once again Butter by Nadia is coming to the house of ladybird to share a lovely selection of beautiful pieces this spring!

Butter by Nadia started in 2002 by Nadia Tarr. Nadia was a former dancer and seamstress. She wanted to start a line that was comfortable and very chic that was made for every and any woman with different body shapes, different ages, short or tall! Butter by Nadia has three amazing lines: The Butter Basics, The Collectors Edition, and The Signature Line.

This spring we will be receiving some great pieces that we know you will enjoy! Perfect to wear for just about any occasion!

The Capped Dress

The Banded Jumpsuit 

The Short Romper

The Short Robe with Sash

Friday, October 14, 2011

Noble House Design

Noble House Design is a small jewelry business by the inspired and very artistic Sarah Lowery Ng from the heart of Texas.  Sarah is inspired by photography, fashion brands such as Miu Miu, her travels, animals, geometric shapes, culture, and anything else that makes her happy and motivated.

The jewelry pieces she creates are a mixture of tribal shapes and cuts, antique jewels, as well as her own creation all in one piece! Not only are these bulky and exciting creations unique and very artistic but there are a variety of ways to style it up with any outfit you wear. Dress it up or dress it down… it is a guarentee it will compliment your outfit!

Since her pieces are so bright, loud, and bulky, we suggest by wearing it with solids. Such as a solid colored tee with a pair of form fitting Levi’s and your favorite chunky heels. Or if you are going out for cocktails with your ladies for the evening, jazz up your favorite little black dress with one of these pieces to make it “pop”.  Add a pair of colorful heels (red, blue, green… you decide!). What is so fantastic about Noble House Design jewelry is that it stands out so much, it will really be the center piece of any outfit!

Here at Lady Bird we will be selling a limited but amazing selection of Noble House Design necklaces. So make sure you come to the store and grab a one of a kind staple piece!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Put a sock on it!

One of the first words that comes to my head when it's fall is... LAYERS. And I don't just mean throwing a comfy sweater on and calling it a day, I mean scarves and more scarves, and hats, and gold accessories. When it comes to the fall season, fashion gets more fun and creative.  One cozy way to keep warm and fashionable here at Ladybird is socks! Yes, we mean high, wool socks that you walk around your house in on a cold day.

We have the perfect socks from With & Wessel to keep you warm!  With a variety of colors such as maroon, black, beige, grey, you get to pick your choice of stripes or solids!

Here are a few fun ways to keep warm, and yet still be that stylish lady you are all season long!

1. Socks with heels

The relationship between socks and your favorite heels can be a perfect match. A heel with either thicker or multiple straps are key when you want to add some socks with them. This is a fun and flirty way to add character to your favorite outfit. You could wear this match by wearing just a simple pair of your favorite jeans or even a fun knee length skirt.

2. Knee high Boots with a hint of sock

There is nothing more cozy then knee high boots and socks poking out at the top. It screams adventure and warmth. This is a perfect way to beat cold weather!

3. Short skirts and long socks

This combo is great. It is comfortable, warm, and overall adorable! The fun thing about this is you can pair it with heels, ankle boots, or even knee boots. Throw on your favorite scarf or hat and a funky blouse... and you've got yourself a fantastic fall outfit.


This month we will be receiving some wonderful pieces from up and coming designer Sena Yang. Raised in Seattle she moved to New York to persue her fashion career. Not only did she go to Rhode Island School of Design but she worked in the fashion houses of incredible designers such as Catherine Maladrino, Sue Stemp, and even Alexander McQueen.

Sena Yang developed her own brand and now has her own space in Garment District, New York City. The pieces that she creates all come from the inspiration of her favorite cities: NYC, Paris, and London. Her newest collection is very edgy with the symmetrical cutouts in many of her pieces. It has an influence of street style with the studded tops and skirts. But as well as a twist of shabby chic with a variety of flowy skirts, wide leg pants, and draped tops.

These are a few pieces we will be getting in!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Kelsi Dagger - The Jayna Boot


Get ready for winter in style with these fantastic tall leather boots from Kelsi Dagger! These boots are very unique with the vintage appeal of the leather "worn in" affect and the contrast between the leather pieces on the boot.

Levi's Vintage - 606 Jeans

We are getting a shipment of the classic Levi's Vintage 606's later this week. This classic higher waisted skinny jean is a great fit. With the classic stitching and moderate distressing, these jeans will compliment any sweater or blouse of yours!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Clare Vivier - Flat Clutches

Clare Vivier has been making these simple but yet very stylish bags and clutches since 2006. Vivier is from France and before she was making a variety of clutches and bags, she was traveling a lot as a French journalist. While traveling a lot, Vivier was on the search for a great and durable bag that wasn’t too big or too small. Always on the search for the perfect bag, Vivier decided to create her own line to share with others that were also on the search for the perfect, comfortable, and chic bags and clutches.

Lady Bird will be offering these flat clutches this week! Make sure you get your hands on these perfect sized, simple, and unique clutches because they are will go quickly!