Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Yosi Samara - Fold Up Flats

Yosi Samara is a male shoe designer that started this shoe brand in 2009. Samara has been around shoes all his life. He worked at his fathers shoe factory since he was very young so Samara has been experienced in this business for a long time. Samara created a classic and comfortable style of flats that will never go out of style. He keeps up to date with the trends by incorporting the new "trending patterns" with the shoe. Making sure that women aren't just feeling like they are walking on clouds but with style as well!

Over the weekend we received these very comfortable and very adorable snake skin printed fold up flats from Yosi Samara.  Don't miss out!

1 comment:

alyssa said...

love these flats, look super comfy but still chic :)